What We do

Samsung's after sales support is crucial to maintaining a brand preference from our customers. Our Customer Service strategy has been implemented with great success in several overseas markets. We believe that the existence of the Customer Service Plaza demonstrates our investment and commitment to show consumers and retailers alike that customer satisfaction is a high priority to us.

Customer Service Plaza provide a state-of-the-art repair facility. Our premises are set up to specifically service Samsung products, provide spare parts, assist customers with troubleshooting and answer various enquiries on products and repairs.

Facilities & Services

Our large repair facilities and various range of state of the art equipment forms the core of our efficient and precise repair procedure - allowing our technicians and staff to handle repairs with great care and knowledge.

Customers are most welcome to bring in their devices for various types of repairs, assessments, check-ups, and service.

We offer in our Plaza:

  • A high spec showroom which includes a waiting area, reception, refreshments and some basic testing equipment for on-the-spot product analysis.

  • An audiovisual technical service area which is set up specifically for Audio and Video products.

  • A hand-held products repair area specific for Mobile Devices and IT products.

  • A Customer Service office, administration, warranty claim and service tracking area where administrative staff can update systems, track product and manage logistics.

  • A dedicated call centre which handles all in-home appointments as well as general inquiries and spare parts sales.

  • White Goods repair area for household items such as washers, fridges, dishwashers. However, most of these products would be completed at the repair site where able.

  • A large boardroom for meetings and training rooms for product training.

  • Loading bays for receiving, dispatching products and spare parts.
  • Our services include but are not limited to handheld devices – such as mobile phones, smartwatches and tablets, in-home entertainment units, multimedia, brown goods, and white goods.

    We offer in-home services and workshop repairs, as well as pick-up and delivery of your products if needed.