Some of Your Questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer:

In Home Repairs

  • What qualifies for an in-home repair?
  • Will I need my proof of purchase for Warranty repairs?
  • Can I get a quote for my repair over the phone?
  • What information will I need when booking in a Service?
  • Will the technician have parts with him on the day of assessment?
  • Can I book an exact time for a technician to come out?
  • Can I book an after-hours call?
  • Do you provide insurance assessments and quotes?
  • How long is a quote valid for?
  • Can I bring my unit into your workshop?
  • What is the warranty on my repair?
  • How can I pay for the service?

All white goods, Televisions over 40” and large appliances are to be assessed and repaired in your home. In some cases, we may need to take the unit away for repair in our workshop. There will be no extra cost for pick-up and delivery in those instances.

Smaller units such as Home Theatre systems, mobile phones and monitors are to be brought into our office for repair.

Yes. To assess and repair your unit under Warranty, we will need a proof of purchase.

Depending on what the fault is, we may be able to give you a quote over the phone. However, in many cases, a technician will need to assess your unit to determine what is causing the fault and which parts may need to be replaced.

When booking a Call out for an assessment or repair, we require the Model Code, Serial number and fault description. As well as your contact details, address and accessibility to the unit.

Depending on the fault of your appliance, the technician may need to diagnose the fault before ordering parts and completing the repair.

Due to our technicians having multiple service calls per day with each repair varying in time, we are unable to tell you an exact time of when a technician will arrive at your property. However, we will give you a window of time, and the technician will always contact you approx. 30 minutes before arrival.

Unfortunately, we do not offer after hour services. However, our friendly customer service team will work with you to arrange a suitable timeframe for you. We also offer our Services on Saturdays (Weekend rates apply).

Yes. A technician can do an assessment and prepare a quote for a one off Call out fee of $110.00 (Weekend rates apply.)

All quotes are valid for 14 days from assessment.

For small devices such as Mobile phones, printers, Home Theatre’s, and Tv’s 40 inch and under, please bring your unit into our workshop – for whitegoods and TV’s 40 inch and above, an in home service is required.

The Warranty period for all repairs is 90 days for labor 30 days for parts.

Payment can be made via Visa or Mastercard. Although we do accept cash payments, please have the correct amount ready on the day of the service as technicians do not carry change.

Carry in repairs

  • Do I have to make an appointment?
  • Will I need my proof of purchase?
  • Do you provide insurance assessments and quotes?
  • How long is a quote valid for?
  • Are loan phones available?
  • What is the turnaround time for repairs?
  • Can someone assist me with general inquiries about my device?
  • Will I lose the data on my device?
  • Can someone help me back up my device?
  • What is the warranty on my repair?
  • How can I pay for the service?

We are a walk-in centre, so feel free to come in anytime between 9:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

For general inquiries and out of warranty repairs, you will not need your proof of purchase.

However, if your unit requires technicians assessment and repair, we will need a proof of purchase to book it in.

Yes. A technician can assess your unit and prepare a quote for a one-off $66.00 assessment fee.

All quotes are valid for 14 days from assessment.

Due to a limited amount of loan phones onsite, please be advised that we may not be able to offer you a loan phone during your repair.

We like to ensure that all carry in units are thoroughly assessed, repaired and extensively tested prior to being released, therefore please allow 5-7 business days for repair.

Yes. We have several Smart Tutors on reception (Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 5:00pm) who will take their time to answer all your questions and assist with any necessary troubleshooting.

Yes. To repair and quality check your device, all data will be deleted from it and the device will be reset to factory settings.

Although our friendly reception staff will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to back up your device, unfortunately, we are unable to back it up on your behalf.

The Warranty period for all repairs is 90 days for labor 30 days for parts.

Payment can be made at reception by Cash, Visa or Mastercard. You’re also welcome to make a direct deposit into our bank account. Please contact us on 1300 362 603 or for bank account details. Please note we will not be able to release your unit before receiving the funds.

Spare part orders

  • Do you provide Samsung spare parts?
  • What information will I need to order a Spare part?
  • How can I order a spare part?
  • How do I know the right part will be ordered?

Some accessories and parts can be purchased from us by the general public. However internal components can only be sold to technicians with a valid ABN. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell parts for Mobile phones.

We require the model number of your unit and the part description to locate the part you require.

You can contact us on 1300 839 853 or you can email:

We can provide you with an exploded view for the unit and any pictures that may be available to us for confirmation. We are placing the part on order based on your request and description of the part. If the wrong part is ordered and needs to be returned, a 20% restocking fee is charged. The remaining amount will be refunded to you, however we are not able to refund any postage fees.